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Black Panther: The Album - Review

When it was announced that the great Kendrick Lamar was curating and producing the album, I was very excited about what would be delivered by the best rapper in the game today. When the tracklist was announced and the featured artists revealed, I could remember the buzz that was generated from such an eclectic group

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Playing The Victim

Go see life through the eyes of someone else. Ask questions. Find out the "why". Please. For the sake of the future. I promise you, if substantive discourse doesn't make any headway, if we keep getting gunned down by people who fear us just because we look different than them or ostracized because of our gender, I promise you: The revolution will not be televised.

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A Powerful Lesson About Privilege

Being born white doesn't make you responsible for the mistakes your ancestors made any more than being born black makes you a second class citizen. What being born white does do, is put you in a position to do something very powerful with your place in society. It allows you to speak for those in the back of the class. Change the narrative.

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