Ever After Foundation Inc

The Ever After Foundation was founded to provide access to new ideas and concepts that individuals may not have been exposed to. Reading literature gives this opportunity and can stimulate creativity and consciousness, exponentially.


The Ever After Foundation Inc is a non profit organization, established to inspire individuals to flourish and excel through literature.  Reading is a tool that offers this opportunity, by providing access to new concepts and ideas.  


We accomplish this by distributing literature to individuals, community centers, and educational facilities; both locally and internationally. 

We create platforms that facilitate creative exchanges between readers and writers of all ages. 


At the Ever After Foundation, we believe that reading is essential for enhancing cognitive development and promotes innovation. Everyone should have the opportunity to be inspired by what they read and we strive to fulfill that need.

Recently, we were granted approval by the board of Parks and Recreation, to create an outdoor library that will serve the citizens of Fitchburg, MA. 

We hope to continue this initiative with other cities, all over the world, 
in order to bring the joy of reading to a park near you. 

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