MCU Connections - Who The Hell Is Mysterio?


By now you’ve seen the new Spider-Man: Far From Home teaser trailer. It was pretty dope. Of course the biggest question on the mind of the people is HOW? We’ve all seen Avengers: Infinity War, so we know both Peter Parker and Nick Fury are victims of the Snappening (officially called The Decimation). The obvious answer is time travel of some sort and that can either be achieved by Ant-Man going back into the Quantum Realm or Captain Marvel, whose abilities include time travel. The details will have to come at a later date, but if we look beyond that to Far From Home, we know that it takes place mere moments after Avengers: Endgame

In the new teaser trailer we see familiar faces along with one very new face: Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). We know it’s Mysterio based on the rumors, casting, powers and costume on display. Of course, as per usual, the MCU guys do their own thing while sticking to the spirit of the character, so the following information is just to be used as a reference point. Just who the hell is Mysterio?


Born Quentin Beck, in Riverside, California, our boy was a master FX designer for a major movie studio. He basically makes the movie magic and he was fantastic at it. Having started as a stuntman, he sought greater recognition and moved into special effects. Wanting even more recognition, he tried to become an actor. Unfortunately, he’s no Chris Hemsworth and he didn’t have the discipline for the Director’s Chair, so he failed. A friend, as a joke, mentioned to him that the quickest way to become famous was to take out a superhero. Beck didn’t find it funny, he found it genius. He chose Spider-Man, saved up some funds, tinkered with his gear and after a few months, went at it with the wall crawler. His plan was to kill Spider-Man and take his place with no-one the wiser. As strange as it sounds, Mysterio became one of the most long-lasting and endearing foes in Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery.


While not the most powerful nor the most intelligent of Spidery’s foes, Mysterio is very dangerous. He’s a jack of all trades with knowledge of Chemistry, Robotics & Engineering, Strategy, Hypnosis, Psychiatry and has access to advanced weaponry. He discovered a gas that could cancel out Spider-Man’s spider-sense and generally relies on distraction, manipulation and strategy to get over on his opponents. He’s similar to Abra Kadabra over on the DC side but less cool aesthetically.

While we don’t really know too much about how he’ll be used in the MCU, you can bet that trusting him will lead to nothing but heartache.


Check out the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer to see him in action!