Apple's WWDC '18 Summary

UPDATE: 9to5Mac has a nice breakdown of new features in iOS 12 after their hands-on with the new beta!

Ok, full disclosure. If you add busy-ness and laziness together, you get this post. I watched the Apple WWDC 2018 keynote, so we're ok, but don't expect too much. I beg of you. The folks over at The Verge put together a nice little breakdown of the events, as well as a 14 minute video. If you've got 14 minutes, give it a look-see. 


First up, iOS 12


Basically, this is supposed to be the Snow Leopard of iOS. They drastically cut down feature development for this release in order to work on some of the "magic" Apple has lost in the software. Things no longer "just work". They put a lot of focus on performance and stability this year in order to solidify things for the future. That's not to say there weren't any new features, but nothing breathtaking.

The top two things are the Digital Health Dashboard and the MeMojis. The DHD is Apple's answer to whiny people who can't take responsibility for how they use their devices. Apparently people blame Apple and Google et al, for the fact that they can't look up from their phones while crossing the street, going on a date, walking up stairs, walking down stairs, having sex, not having sex, sort of having sex, you get the picture. It's pretty wild. So what the DHD does, among other things, is allow you to set timers for your phone usage. For instance, you can set Instagram to be unusable after 3 hours. You choose the length of time and you choose whether you want to ignore it as well. After the negative press surrounding this issue, I totally get why they felt they needed to do it. If it ends up helping some people then I'm all for it. The issue of responsibility and fault is another thing.

As for MeMojis, think Bitmoji avatars, but they've become Animojis. They're highly customizable and emotive so there's yet another reason people will blame tech companies when they walk into oncoming traffic. I should mention that, after years upon years, Apple is finally bringing group FaceTime to fruition. You can group chat with up to 32 people. I mention this because you can also use any MeMoji you've created and overlay it onto your face in the chat.

watchOS 5


It's Pride Month! So, there's a new Pride band and watch face for the Apple Watch. The colors on the face link to the colors on the band, which is cool. Other than that, the most notable updates to the software are the Walkie-Talkie feature, new exercise modes like Yoga and Hiking and the ability to see web pages in a limited capacity (really doesn't make sense to have full blown web-browsing on this thing). 

macOS Mojave


Notice anything about the picture above? Yup. Dark Mode. Apple is finally bringing Dark Mode into the fold. It's a feature that's been requested for god-knows-how-long. There are several updates in the new software that will make things easier and I suggest you dive into the video and even the full keynote at your leisure. It's definitely worth your while. Better screenshot and screen recording ability, as well as organizing your desktop by "stacks", watermarking and signing documents via Finder and a big update to privacy in Safari that disallows some of the discreet tracking that was going on in the background can all be seen in the keynote.

There's a lot to cover over the next few weeks and through the betas into the final release this fall for all the software covered. Hopefully this whets your appetite enough to keep your eyes peeled.