BLACKkKLANSMAN Movie Trailer Released (Spike Lee)

The first trailer for Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman has been released. Actually based on a true story (truth is stranger than fiction, after all), the film's narrative centers around Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), the first African-American police officer in the city, who successfully infiltrates a local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. To accomplish this, Stallworth partners up with Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver), to be the face to his voice. Flip does face-to-face meetings as Ron, while Stallworth, putting on his "white voice", does business with the Klan over the phone. The operation was so successful, it saw Stallworth eventually become the chapter's head.

While ripe for potential drama, Spike Lee decided he was going with lighter fare. Footage from the film was showed at CinemaCon, where many attendees remarked that it was laced with humor and came off as more of a buddy cop film than anything too heavy. Get Out's Jordan Peele and Jason Blum are Lee's partners on the film, so look out for something interesting.