'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Trailer Officially Released

“I’ve been watching these since the first X-Men movies came out, but now they’re like those Fast and Furious movies. I don’t watch much anymore. I don’t understand what’s going on.”

That’s a comment I read on a Facebook page that shared the trailer. I understand. The original X-Men movies were their own continuity. After the disgrace that was X3: The Last Stand, something needed to change. The powers that be came up with X-Men: First Class and from a quality standpoint, most of the movies since then have been pretty good. Some better than others, but nothing to walk out of a theater for. Fast forward a time travel movie, a few retcons, plot holes and a couple Wolverines later and they’re trying the Phoenix storyline, one more time.


There are similarities in the storyline between X3 and Dark Phoenix and that’s to be expected given the folks behind the pen and the camera, but there’s a lot to look forward to. It appears Jean will start to mentally unravel due to the weight of her power. As in X3, Xavier did something to Jean in order “help” her, but in truth it was just to make it easier to control her power. She’s going to lash out and the team will have to stop her. Whether or not she dies in this one like in X3 remains to be seen, but this movie, based on the trailer, appears to be the definition of a Mulligan. Could this be a swan song for the characters before Disney and Marvel bring them back into the fold?


What did you guys think? Are you excited to see fresh faces take on one of the most incredible storylines in comic book history? X-Men: Dark Phoenix releases June 7th, 2019