Deadpool 2 - Who The Hell Is Cable?

Deadpool 2 is one of the most highly anticipated sequels in recent memory. With one of the most tumultuous development processes ever, the initial Deadpool had a lot to prove and it did so without the shadow of a doubt. Not only did it soften studio stances on R-Rated comic book films, it also washed clean the green stain from Ryan Reynolds comic book career, as well as prove that a hefty budget wasn't necessary to make a compelling superhero movie. This time around, with the weight of the world off their collective shoulders, the creative team for Deadpool 2 is set to stretch their legs a bit and provide us with two other fan-favorite characters: Domino and Cable.

Domino and Cable

Domino and Cable

Marvel's Cable

While there's been some controversy over the casting of Domino (because people are stupid), the hype surrounding Cable is very real. Actor Josh Brolin was cast as the character and the only real fan concern was the fact that he's also set to play Thanos in the MCU, which, as you know, is a completely different animal, a different universe altogether, than Fox's cabal of characters (X-Men, Deadpool, Fantastic Four etc.). We were treated to our first official look at Josh Brolin as Cable this week and fans were left in awe. The only minor complaint was Brolin's height and the fact that he looked a little like Chef Gordon Ramsay. Go figure. Speaking as a fan, I was incredibly hyped, of course. My social media circle was just as hyped. Then you get to thinking that not everyone who loves these movies and who are planning to see them, knows as much or anything about the comics at all. So here's a little glimpse at who Cable is, at least in the comics.

Remember Cyclops a.k.a Scott Summers, and Jean Grey from the X-Men movies? Well, born Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, he's their son...kind of. He's also from the future...kind of. In the comics there's a brilliant mutant geneticist named Mister Sinister (It's a comic book, what do you want?). Remember Apocalypse from, well, X-Men: Apocalypse? Mister Sinister used to work for him. However, Sinister ain't nobody's lackey so he decides to play the long game and painstakingly create the circumstances under which Cable is born. He clones Jean Grey and facilitates the union between the clone and Cyclops. Nathan Summers was born from that relationship and, as planned, Sinister sets out to use the child's vast powers to defeat Apocalypse. Apocalypse ain't no fool though. He catches wind of the plan and has the baby kidnapped. Instead of just like, I dunno, stepping on the kid or something (better safe than sorry?), he infects the child with a techno-organic virus. Bummer.

Wait, wait, let's backup a little. What's a techno-organic virus you ask? Ever watch Star Trek? Heard of The Borg? No? Who are you? Anyway, the virus works almost like a parasite. Once the host has been infected, it steadily transforms the organic matter into technology. Once the host is completely consumed, the living technology has one directive: spread. That's what was going to happen to baby Nathan. Too late to stop the child from being infected, X-Factor (another X team) stopped Apocalypse and saved the day. At least their day anyway. The kid was toast. Luckily, along came someone from the future. In her future, Apocalypse had basically won and she was a part of a sisterhood called the Clan Askani that stood against him and his minions. She offered to take the child into the future with her to find a way to stop the spread of the virus.

In the future, the leader of the Askani decides to clone the child, just in case they can't cure him or halt the virus' progression. Wouldn't you know it, Apocalypse kidnaps the clone and raises it as his own, naming him Stryfe. Realizing that Nathan needs far more protection and nurturing than she can offer, she literally pulls the psyches of his parents into the future to inhabit bodies there. For 12 years, they raise Nathan and teach him to use his powers to keep the virus at bay. Now, Nathan's powers are vast. He's telepathic and telekinetic. It's the telekinesis that halts the virus' spread. However, he literally has to control it. Some part of his concentration and power is constantly being used to impede the spread of the virus. He manages to contain it to his left side, but because of the virus, his body is altered, down to the cellular level. He's a cyborg, basically. He's got a cool cybernetic eye that can see the electromagnetic spectrum in far greater detail than any technology you and I are familiar with. He's super strong, able to lift tons, as well as super durable. He's got a laundry list of powers that I'm sure will be altered for the film version as always. He's got genius-level intellect and a brilliant military mind and training, including in hand-to-hand combat. 

Cable and Deadpool have what you would call a strained relationship. They're polar opposites and that will provide some great laughs for the audience. They're also remarkable friends and I can't wait to see the chemistry there. Cable and Domino are also on-again-off-again lovers, so look for at least some allusion to that. There's also no Fox Movie Universe version of Mister Sinister (yet) so we'll see how they alter Cable's origin. They may not talk about it at all. We're also expecting an X-Force (still, another X team) movie which may include Brolin's Cable as well as Domino. We'll be back with a Domino write-up soon! Deadpool 2 is in theaters June 1st, 2018.

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