DC Universe Online: Water Powers Live Stream This Friday

DC Universe Online just released some info regarding Water Powers. On Friday August 11th at 3pm EST, they'll livestream their progress on the power. Of course, the date the power will end up on the test server will probably be announced as well. Could there be some inspired gear as well? Doubtful but possible. This is a far bigger deal than the other powers due to how long fans have been clamoring for it since it was teased years ago, so anything is possible.

Water powers were announced last month and now the reveal is happening, so we can assume most of the effects and balance work is done. However, based on the little gif of the powers in action, some players aren't too happy with FX. Hopefully it'll be as beautiful as we all imagined when we heard about it. The main obstacle, the Stats Revamp has finally been released, so players can get to testing Water with the new balancing behind the scenes. We'll keep you posted.

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