Deadpool 2: First Official Images of Cable Released, Plus Potential Plot Point

Ryan Reynolds released our first official glimpse at the newest mutant on the block earlier today. It isn't exactly our first look at Cable (a write-up on him will come along soon), as actor Josh Brolin has been very active on social media building up hype for the film with videos and images of him working out, as well as taking shots at Reynolds. Today, however, we get to see Brolin in full makeup and gear posing for a professional shot. Personally, I always wanted someone taller, like Jon Hamm, to play the role but I'm definitely not mad at how this all turned out. Take a gander.

While the eye and left arm are definitely appealing to the fandom, it's something else that has caught the attention of the internet: The teddy bear. Sure, this is Deadpool we're talking about, so the teddy bear could be there for all sorts of hilarious reasons, but it could also be there as a nod to Hope Summers. Who is Hope Summers? Ok, hang on because this may get confusing.

The Scarlet Witch is bat shit crazy. The Scarlet Witch we know and love from the MCU (seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War, played by Elizabeth Olsen) is not the droid we're looking for here. The Scarlet Witch I'm talking about is from the X-Men comics and hasn't been seen on the big screen. She's vastly more powerful than the MCU version. Her control over probabilities and all sorts of hocus pocus makes her basically a god. With a sentence, she literally wiped out 91.4% of mutant kind. By that I mean she said "No more mutants", and then 91.4% of mutants lost their powers. Yea. Just like that. It was called M-Day. After the events of M-Day, Hope Summers was the first new mutant to be born. Cable and many others held her to be the messiah of mutants, while Bishop and others wanted to destroy her because in their future, she killed a million people in 6 minutes. Yea. Time travel. From the time she was a baby, Cable has been trying to protect her. So the teddy bear makes sense if you factor that in, right? No? Not enough? Well what about this?

Twitter account YVRShoots got their hands on this image of Brolin's stunt double in full gear doing some wire work. What's so special about this? The poncho of course! The poncho is something Cable wore in the comics during his early time with Hope. So much so that when she got older, even she started to wear it. Of course, Cable is from a dystopian future, and half the movies with dystopian futures have ponchos so this could all just be smoke and me making an ass out of myself, but the seed has been planted so, damn it I'm gonna water the hell out of it. Check out these images from the comics:

While we could all just be reading too much into this, let's hope not eh? A time traveling mutant from the future escapes into Deadpool's present carrying and protecting a small mutant child. Of course he'd be chased by any number of future assassins seeking to kill her before she brings about the future they hope to avoid. Sounds like a plot to me! If any more news breaks regarding this, you can be sure we'll keep you posted.