Deadpool 2 - Who The Hell Is Domino?

After the long awaited reveal of Josh Brolin's Cable, we did a write-up about the character's origin in the comic books. Obviously movie versions of characters have to be watered down and adjusted to fit the grand scheme of things (just look at the comparatively pansy version of Thor in the MCU), but let's do the same for Domino, the other newcomer to the Deadpool family. Although her backstory isn't quite as extensive, it's still worth knowing, especially since she may be, along with Cable, part of the X-Force movie that is currently on the table for a future Fox X-Men related movie. So, just who the hell is Domino?


As with so very many other comic book characters, our femme fatale was the result of scientific experimentation. This particular experiment was one of the United States'. Code named Project: Armageddon, this venture was supposed to produce the "perfect weapon", based on the abilities of a precognitive mutant they were using to literally breed them. She was given the name Neena Thurman (a fact she did not know until much later in life) and was one of only two children who actually survived the experimentation. Of course, "There can be only one", and they don't just keep spares around because that costs money. Plus, what if Bed Bugs, right?. They sought to get rid of her, permanently. She was rescued by a cult called the Amerijesuits (I'm so sorry for those of you who didn't grow up reading these things. I mean, the names alone). This cult was actually headed up by the mutant they were using for experimentation purposes, her biological mother, Beatrice. They left her with Father Rudolpho Boschelli, in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Chicago. She left their care once her mutant abilities manifested. What did she decide to do? Run soup kitchens of course! No, she actually decided to live the life of a freelance soldier. *shrugs*

Domino Dual Pistols

While on a mission for the NSA to guard a genius named Dr. Milo Thurman, she fell in love with her charge and he coined her code name: Domino. Of course that love was short lived, as some members from an evil organization known as A.I.M. raided the facility he was at and the two were separated. He was told she was dead and she went undercover. Deep. Afterward she met Cable and the two worked together a lot, becoming friends and lovers. The rest is comic book history, and not really relevant.

So what can she do? Well, apart from being what I would say is the physical match for Black Widow in combat, she also has a very special mutant ability. She's lucky. Technically, she uses telekinesis to initiate random kinetic phenomena that affect probability in her favor by making improbable (but not impossible) things occur within her line of sight. What does that translate to? Let's say someone starts firing a machine gun at her, if she moves, her ability will affect the path of the bullets, allowing her to dodge every single one. On top of that her cerebral cortex emits a current of bio-electric pulses down her spine to instinctively guide her movements. Basically, that means that she affects what's happening around her (in her line of sight) and her own body, making her move just the right amount here or there to supplement whatever her telekinesis is doing. Pretty cool. It's also completely subconscious. The only way she can activate the ability is to be in or put herself in a stressful situation like a gunfight. So while she's not as intelligent as Black Widow, and has a different kind of combat experience, when you add her mutant abilities to the mix, that's a tough fight for ScarJo to win (yes, I know they're not in the same universe).

Actress Zazie Beetz of Donald Glover's Atlanta fame was cast in the role of Domino after an extensive search of specifically Black or Latina actresses. The character is traditionally portrayed as white with pale white skin and a black "discoloration" on her left eye. In Deadpool 2, however, she will be portrayed as a Black woman with vitiligo, in the form of the pale discoloration over her left eye and different colored pupil. Of course fans were up in arms, calling reverse racism or comic book accuracy or whatever euphemism "non-racists" are using these days. My stance: whenever a comic book character's ethnicity doesn't affect who the character is on the page, it doesn't matter if it changes on the screen. The fact of the matter is more PoC (people of color) are needed on all screens, in all kinds of roles, because representation matters. Little boys and girls growing up with nobody to look to and say "he/she looks like me", is part of the reason many kids feel inferior to their white counterparts. Of course I'm not saying things like this fix the whole problem, but every little bit helps. No, a Black Captain America (Steve Rogers) doesn't make sense and no a white Luke Cage wouldn't make sense, because their race directly affects their origin, what happens to them and how it happens to them. You would have to change the DNA of those characters from top to bottom, rewriting comic book history for it to make sense. Wonder Woman? Not so much. Aquaman? Not so much. As a matter of fact that might aid his story about being from two different worlds if his mother was a PoC. Yea. Fight me. What were we talking about? Oh, right.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Beetz can do in the role. I hope it opens many more doors for her and others like her. Deadpool 2 releases next year and I can't wait.

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