Fan Creates MCU Timeline & Google Maps Location Lists

Put this one under very cool things people who have insane amounts of time on their hands do. It appears that Marvel's sprawling Cinematic Universe was in need of a few resources to keep the events manageable. At least Reddit user MrRLopez seems to think so. Lopez has painstakingly created an interactive timeline and world map for the entire MCU. The timeline begins with the foundation of the Arena club in 1906 as per the events of Agent Carter and goes right up to the Stark Expo in October 2018, referenced in promotional material for Spider-ManHomecoming. The list covers just about every event from both the films and television series.

If that weren't enough, MrRLopez has also created a Google Maps based world map to go along with the timeline which houses every location mentioned in the films and television series. Click each location to see a brief description of any event that transpired at that particular spot. Of course, locations outside the boundary of our atmosphere are left out of the listing, but that's to be expected.

Thankfully, he's open to corrections or additions and this passion project will be ongoing, for at least as long as the MCU continues to give us locations and events to remember. It's getting kind of crazy isn't it? Checking out those links kinds of puts things into perspective. My own thoughts on the future of the MCU not withstanding, there's plenty of universe building left to do if Marvel and Disney's Box Office credentials are to be trusted.