MCU Connections: Who Are The Children of Thanos?

Avengers: Infinity War has already wrapped production and the Untitled Avengers 4 film will begin its own production any day now. Even with all those moving parts, substantial leaks have come out of the mouse house regarding the plot of Infinity War or the followup. All we know right now is what we're supposed to know, and that's the way I like it. That doesn't mean officially released details aren't out there in the ether and that includes all the info released this weekend at the D23 Expo. A few fans and media types were in attendance and got treated to loads of tasty info including a teaser trailer for Infinity War and some information regarding Thanos' henchmen in the film.

Thanos and his "children", formerly the Black Order Villains

Thanos and his "children", formerly the Black Order Villains

In the above image we have Thanos (in the middle) and the Black Order Villains who serve as his bodyguards, generals and henchmen. These aren't your run of the mill henchmen though. In order to be worthy to guard a being as powerful as Thanos, you've gotta come correct and these guys are nothing if not powerful. In the comics, they come from the Black Quadrant, and first wreaked havoc in New Avengers #8 (2013). Created by Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opeña, and Jim Cheung, the original team consists of leader Corvus Glaive, Black Swan, Ebony Maw, Supergiant, Proxima Midnight, and Black Dwarf. However, for Infinity War, we'll only be graced by four villains, including Glaive, Proxima, Ebony Maw, and Black Dwarf renamed Cull Obsidian – which meshes with the name revealed by mo-cap actor Terry Notary last March. In classic Marvel fashion, their costumes are updated and a little different, but for the most part, comics-accurate. Aside from Black Dwarf’s new name, he now stands larger than Thanos and has two sword-like weapons instead of his traditional battle-axe.

The Order first arrived to battle our heroes when Thanos sent them to kill his son, Thane, on Earth. While on their mission they discovered that the long coveted Infinity Gems (Stones in the MCU) were hidden away in Wakanda. Thanos then sent Dwarf (Cull Obsidian in the MCU) to retrieve them, nearly destroying Wakanda in the process. Given that so many Wakandan's will be in Infinity War, it's a safe bet that some variation of this storyline will take place as well, but who knows? So what can these emissaries of evil do? While the MCU variants will probably be de-powered a bit, we can always use the comics as a guide. Here's an overview of the Children of Thanos from right to left based on the image above...


Look at him. Do we need to go any further? He's a brutish, vicious barbarian style combatant that can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Thor and Hulk. Plus he's got that axe, or, I guess I should say he's dual-wielding now in the MCU. He seems like he'd fit right at home on the war world that Thor will find himself on in Thor: Ragnarok. Incidentally, The Hulk will be there as well, wearing something quite similar to what's seen in the image above.


Ebony Maw may not be the most fearsome fighter or physically imposing of the four kiddies, but he may just be the most dangerous overall. Maw has the ability to "suggest". Similar to what Wanda Maximoff did to the Avengers in Age of Ultron, Maw can impose his will onto almost anybody he speaks to, by way of their subconscious. Every time he does it, he leaves a bit of himself behind, so that it's easier to do it the next time around. He will no doubt be Thanos' consigliere of sorts, but look for him turn heroes against one another when the time is right.


Proxima Midnight is probably the most formidable of the fearsome foursome. Movies generally want women to fight women (that's a whole other topic), so look out for a fight between Gamora/Nebula and Proxima. Obviously altered in a similar fashion to Nebula, Proxima's fighting skills, intelligence, leadership and even durability rival, if not surpasses that of her comrades. However, even with all of that, it's her staff that gets most of the attention. Built to harness the power of a sun in a distortion of the normal universe, it’s been shown capable of possessing the weight of a collapsing star, the power of a supernova, and the pull of a black hole. That means the staff is lethal to almost any superhero. I wonder if she'll face Captain Marvel. Hmmm.


Near and dear to me for reasons only people that know me can see, Corvus' cunning is unmatched. Married to Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive is her match made in Niflheim. Third on the list in terms of combat ability, you would think Glaive would be the least intimidating. On the contrary, if Proxima is the fiercest combatant, Glaive is the most shrewd. His gifts make him a capable general, but his spear speaks volumes. It can cut through anything. Anything. That includes Cap's shield. One other thing of note? So long as he wields the blade, intact, Death holds no sway over him.

When all's said and done, it's safe to say our heroes have their work cut out for them. We haven't even talked about Thanos yet, but we'll save that for another time. Before you get too worried about the Avengers, remember they've got some help coming their way too in the form of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the first appearance of Captain Marvel.