Spider-Man: Homecoming Suit Abilities & Wonder Woman 2

Just a little info for you guys


We've all seen the trailers, so we know that the newest iteration of Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, will have a fancy new suit, gifted to him by his mentor Tony Stark. So far we've seen web wings for gliding (at least), adjustable-lens eyes to deal with the influx of stimuli after he got his powers and even a little spider-drone for reconnaissance, presumably. More info has come to the fro by way of the Disney Channel’s A Fan’s Guide to Spider-Man: Homecoming

Apparently, Spidey's suit will feature a GPS function and the ability to heat itself. That first one is particularly interesting given the relationship between Tony and Peter. Is Tony tracking Peter to make sure he's ok? We all know that Tony Stark tries to see all the angles so could there be something more draconian at play? The latest trailer showed us the "training wheels protocol". This locks some of the suits abilities, presumably until Stark considers him ready for them. I'm pretty excited to see what else may be in store for our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.

Up next we have some news on the already green-lit Wonder Woman sequel. With Patty Jenkins bathing in the director's spotlight right now, and already attached (along with Gal Gadot) to the sequel, we find out her plans for it. At least, the setting. Wonder Woman 2 will take place in the present. Where? The good o' US of A, unfortunately. I say unfortunately because everything happens here. All the time. Since Adam and Eve apparently. It's not bad news per se, but I really wanted something in a different place. This whole giant world with all the cultures, languages and geography to play with and all we do is blow up New York and Washington D.C. Obviously it depends on the story, so we'll see what we see.