Spider-Man Was In Iron Man 2

Ok, ok, misleading headline, but ONLY a little bit. It appears that while Spider-Man was not around in Iron Man 2, our friendly neighborhood Peter Parker was. It makes sense, right? He didn't just burst out of a cocoon as a teenager with a hot Aunt and a backstory. He was born, grew up, got bitten by The Spider and his Uncle Ben died, all of which happens before his appearance in Civil War. So where can we find him amidst the convoluted nonsense that was in that movie? Yup.

Speaking to The Huffington PostTom Holland was asked about a fan theory that's been making the rounds, stating that the young kid Iron Man saves and then says "Nice work, kid" to, is none other that Peter Parker. Holland's response? "It is". Then he had this to say:


“I can confirm that, that is Peter Parker. I can confirm that as of today. I literally had a conversation with Kevin Feige only 20 minutes ago. Maybe I’ve just done a big, old spoiler, but it’s out there now. It’s cool. I like the idea that Peter Parker has been in the universe since the beginning.”

There you have it folks! From the mouths of not only Peter Parker himself, but Kevin Feige (if Holland is to be believed), that boy was none other than our very own Peter Parker. Obviously, with all the nonsense surrounding contract negotiations etc, it's difficult to believe that this isn't just them doing something cool after the fact. It would have taken some serious planning, not to mention hope, to have written that into the script as something they MAY one day get to use. Especially since there was not even a hint of that when they met in Civil War. Either way, I'm all for it. It's very gratifying to have that story arc to play with. His love for technology, his desire to help others and a whole host of other things could very well have come from watching Tony Stark and the Avengers from afar. Add a little "power and responsibility" style upbringing and we've got ourselves a hero in the making.