Introducing - Rissa

Welcome Rissa to The Superpowered Review's staff! Get to know her a little bit.


I have a confession to make. I am not a comic book junkie. I want to be, but I'm not even close. As a child, I *passively* watched some superhero shows. But the fact that I can't name one should clue you in to how little background I had on this stuff. And when I went to the movies with my then boyfriend now husband, each time there was a mandatory superhero crash course on the way to the theatre. Love conquers all bruh. I was a mess.

Needless to say, I still feel a tad out of place being a contributor to this obviously superhero-centered site. And yet, I'm slightly excited. I've always wanted to be one of y'all. Participating in conversations and making references to various characters and how their plights are applicable to some concept, theory, or event in history or today; or just being hype to see my favourite characters on the big screen. But I've always kinda been intimidated. There's so much to know, and most people know so much. 

Deviant Art by ZEBES

Deviant Art by ZEBES

So why am I excited? Well for one, this is my chance to *actively* learn some more. This here's the interwebs! Where people take pleasure in addressing opinions and events (however kindly), so I'll have no choice *but* to be educated. But also, I suspect there are more newbs like me out there who don't have the lingo and references on deck, or who regularly have to Google whether something is DC or Marvel. Representation matters, and I intend to comprehensively discuss events in the Univi (that's my plural for universe - get used to it), while remaining relatable to the just-comes like me.

But uh, that's all I've got till next time. Right now, I'm waiting for my husband to get home from his gig so we can watch the Cavs demolish the Warriors (his words not mine), and then we're off to the 10:45 Wonder Woman show. No crash course necessary this time. I've even got some preliminary thoughts!