Rumor Mill: Supergirl To Appear In Man of Steel Sequel


The latest rumor out of the DCEU is that Kara Zor-El herself will make an appearance in the solid-as-fog follow-up to Man of Steel. The rumor comes from an anonymous user on  4chan.orgclaiming that the sequel is being "discreetly" worked on, simultaneously with the other DCEU properties we already know about. Writers from the Watchmen and 300 films are supposedly turning in drafts for the script. It will feature Brainiac as the antagonist and be a jumping off point for Supergirl on the big screen. If they go this route there are numerous stories to mine from, none so obvious as the 2008 comic book story arc "Superman: Brainiac" by Geoff Johns. 

Another way to go would be something similar to the storyline from Injustice 2 where we saw Kara raised by others having not met her cousin until an attack on Earth by Brainiac brought the two together. Still another possibility, one that doesn't jive with the rumor but that I personally would love to see given the current DCEU trajectory, is an adaptation of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. In this story, Batman finds Kara aboard a vessel that crashes on Earth during a meteor shower. Superman shows up and the story revolves around them getting to know each other with Batman as a supporting character who doesn't quite trust her. One can see how this would work given what happened with Zod in Man of Steel. The story goes on to see Kara abducted by the forces of Darkseid and brainwashed into leading his forces against Superman and Batman. No Brainiac in this one, but there IS Wonder Woman and the Amazons.

At present, the untitled Man of Steel sequel has no attached director, no story, no script and no cast apart from Henry Cavill as Superman. DC could always move things around to fit in a Man of Steel sequel but as it stands now, we wouldn't see this until 2019 at the earliest. Another thing to consider is whether Supergirl or any other protagonist SHOULD be in the sequel. Henry Cavill will next appear in Justice League and many of us hope that it is here that we will see the real Superman appear for the first time. I think he should have a full-on sequel to himself to really own the character before we stuff movies full of other people already. That said, I'm definitely not against seeing Supergirl on the big screen sooner rather than later. Some folks are worried that it will be seen as capitalizing on the success of Wonder Woman. I say go for it. Capitalize. Normalize women of power on the big screen. Give me Nubia. Give me Supergirl. Give me Vixen. Give me Ms. Marvel. I want it all. I'm super hungry.