Avengers: Infinity War Trailer 1 Released

This morning, a new era of world peace was ushered in. Ok, it's never that serious, but yea, some absolutely wonderful footage was bestowed upon us by our Marvel-ous overlords. The long awaited, heavily teased and majorly hyped Infinity War trailer was released. We were treated to a special teaser yesterday that tugged on our collective heart strings with a bit of nostalgia.

That did more than enough to whet our appetites until this morning. When I first watched it, I was exhausted so it didn't have quite the intended effect on me, but the trailer is absolutely full of easter eggs and fan service. The sheer level of destruction alluded to in the trailer is astronomical. Thanos is on a mission. He is collecting the stones needed to complete his gauntlet (the golden glove he's wearing--for the uninitiated) and it appears the final stone (Soul) is in Wakanda. In the comics there is a huge battle for that stone that ends with....well, I won't spoil that, but let's just say it's worth seeing.

Several members of the Avengers and other MCU staples make their appearance in the trailer including Doctor Strange, Wong, Spider-Man, War Machine and Deadpool (just kidding). Also in the trailer, we can clearly see that The Winter Soldier has returned and he has his trusty metal arm thingy. In a promotional image the star is still clearly visible on it, but I'm not sure what narrative reason there is to retain it. Oh and his hair is fabulous.

Stop looking at me like that...

Stop looking at me like that...

Also, the infamous beard makes an appearance on Steve Rogers' face. In the comics the bearded cap is known as Nomad, but we'll see if that's the route they're going, with the current MCU version of Captain America. After the overall disappointment with Justice League, the next big team-up movie has a lot to live up to, especially since this is the culmination of the MCU up until this point. Let's hope this is the movie to wash the "villain stink" off of Marvel.